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Booking Online


Booking a trip often proves to be an extremely time consuming and a stressful undertaking. You can spend hours online searching for deals on flights and hotels, bouncing from one website to another in pursuit of the perfect price.  Travel Connections will do all the research for you plus they have actually reviewed properties and have personal relationships at your destination to ensure that your vacation is all you dreamed it could be.

Below are certain instances where it’s more beneficial to book with a Travel Connections agent directly rather than to attempt to organize a trip on your own. 

International Travel

In addition to providing some destination-specific advice, travel professionals can negotiate international hotel and flight packages for you to help trim the costs on a trip overseas.  Things can get tricky when traveling abroad, especially if you’re visiting a nation with complicated visa or passport requirements. Not only can you get a better value when you use a travel agent, but you also have the peace of mind that you won’t get stranded in a foreign country.

Honeymoon Travel

You’ve got enough on your plate when it comes to organizing your wedding — let someone else plan the honeymoon. Not only can a travel agent get you discounted rates, but they can use their established relationships to provide you with special honeymoon perks like room upgrades, welcome amenities and candlelit dinners.

Large Group & Corporate Travel

Thanks to our industry contacts, the agents at Travel Connections can help you negotiate large-group discounts and organize all of your itinerary details so your family reunion or your corporate retreat goes off without a hitch.

Cruise Travel

Planning a cruise may sound easy, but you have to consider a lot of variables. What itinerary is right for you? Will you be spending an extra night in the departure or arrival port? Do you need to book a hotel room or car rental? What shore excursions do you want to sign up for? A travel professional can help you sort out all of the intricacies of your cruise and use their connections to secure unadvertised deals. If you’re hoping to use an agent that deals exclusively with cruise travel, you will find that our travel professionals have gone through extensive training in order to better match travelers with the right cruise itineraries.

Theme Park Travel

Theme park vacations can get expensive quickly, especially when you factor in daily park expenses like tickets and food. Though places like Disney World routinely advertise package discounts to entice vacationers, a travel professional can help you distinguish between a good deal and a deal that’s too good to be true. He or she can also find you those under-the-radar discounts, such as special family or group rates.

Still Want To Book Online ?

We also know that sometimes you just want to do the booking yourself so for those customers we have also provided you with links so that you can research and reserve online but still have Travel Connections in corner in case you run into a problem before, during  or even after your trip.